A once large assortment

"Indian kidney tea" is just one representative of the many varieties that have been offered over the years. Fritz Kaulbars eK started in 1935 with a wide variety of teas. Slimming tea with black pack and red lettering, liver and gall tea, bronchial tea (here was a bottle with an expectorant), kidney and bladder tea.

Indian kidney tea was added in the 1950s. Other varieties have been discontinued. Nerve and sleep tea as well as fruit tea could also be obtained.

However, various events meant that in the 1980s only our popular Rez. No. 23 Everstaler herbal tea was offered.

Primadent - Against pain when teething

The product available from 1950-1960 was called Primadent, children's happiness. As the packaging promises, it takes away the pain of so-called "teething". This is the moment when the first teeth come through in toddlers. This made it more bearable.

Packaging for the UK market

Our Rez. No. 23 herbal tea was also on the market in England for a number of years.

Back of UK market packaging

The packaging for the British market had a beautiful drawing of Heidelberg Castle on the back.

A special kind of packaging

This packaging was up-to-date for a few years. We think this is one of the most beautiful.

This is what marketing used to look like

This is a 1960's billboard. Fritz Kaulbars eK carried out advertising campaigns by post very early on. Today this would be called mailings. Marketing has been an issue from the start. There were matrices, an address file, a duplicating machine, a so-called Postalia for franking letters, ...