New mold quality and EU organic seal

We have been a member of NEUFORM since 1948 and meet their requirements in order to be able to provide our customers with the best quality. The herbal tea, which has been available in health food stores for many years and is sustainably produced, therefore does not need any further certificates. Nevertheless, we have decided to have ourselves certified with the EU organic seal, which again ensures quality through permanent controls. We do all this in order to be able to supply you, the customer, with flawless organic goods.

You can download our BIO certificate using the following button.

  • EU BIO certified quality stands for:

    - Organic farming
    - Non-GMO
    - Avoidance of organic-synthetic pesticides and chemical-synthetic fertilizers

    - Traceability back to the producer.

    - Constant monitoring by control bodies

  • Neuform certified quality stands for:

    - Natural/Organic
    - Product purity
    - Product safety
    - No animal testing
    - No genetic engineering
    - No radiation
    - Vegetarian or vegan
    - Transparency of ingredients
    - Pollutant tests
    - No microplastics


Kiwa BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH
Marientorgraben 3-5
90402 Nuremberg
Code number: DE-ÖKO-001