Everstaler Rez. Nr. 23 BIO Kräutertee

Hocharomatische , wohlschmeckende und vegane Teemischung für die ganze Familie.


Alle Zutaten aus kontrollierter BIO Landwirtschaft:

Himbeerblätter, Brombeerblätter, Fenchel grün süß, Süßholzwurzel, Anis, Pfefferminzblätter, Wacholderbeeren, Brennnesselblätter, Schafgarbenkraut, Beifußkraut, Hagebuttenschalen, Leinsamen, Rosmarin, Ringelblumenblüten, Thymian

A family company with tradition

The company founded by Fritz Lothar Kaulbars was continued by his wife Waltraud Kaulbars after his death in 1981. In April 2021, management of the company was passed on to her grandson, Sebastian Paschun. The continued existence of a family business was thus secured, the long-standing tradition is preserved.

Our vision

We produce a high-quality organic herbal tea that makes a positive contribution to a healthy lifestyle. Our tea is also suitable for vegans.

  • Best organic herbs

    With us you will only find the highest quality herbs in our tea - organic quality at its best.

  • Tasty and popular since 1935

    We have paid special attention to the taste of our tea. We deliberately do without other types of tea and have been increasing the quality of our Everstaler Rez. No. 23 herbal tea for decades.

  • Guaranteed vegan

    You don't eat meat for health reasons or because of your attitude? No problem: With our tea you can be sure - full of taste on a purely vegan basis.

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EU-BIO certificate and member of the Neuform

  • Buy the tea directly from us

    If you cannot find the tea in your local stores or you would like to shop online. You can get the tea through our new webshop. Or contact us directly, we will be happy to help you.

  • Buy the tea at the health food store

    As a NEUFORM product, you can find our tea in all larger health food stores.

  • Kaufe den Tee im Naturkost bzw. Bioladen

    Als zertifizierter Bio Kräutertee ist er in Naturkost- bzw. Bioläden erhältlich. Falls er nicht im Programm ist kann der Laden den Tee bei uns beziehen.

  • Buy the tea at the pharmacy

    You can get our tea in the pharmacy. If it is not in the program, the pharmacy can obtain the tea from us. Or contact us directly, we will be happy to help you.